The Role of Fiction in Parenting


  • Nabiyeva Zarina Nabiyevna The teacher of ESP., Bukhara State University
  • Nabieva Maftunabonu student of Bukhara State University


children's literature, folklore, poetry, prose, young children, adolescence, adulthood, stories, fairy tales, worldviews, psychology, consciousness, work, reading, books, songs, parents, teachers, educators, students.


Children's literature has a rich tradition of early childhood education. It begins with a mother's lullaby. The purity of the soul of a newborn baby is unique. What parents do, what the teacher gives and what the writers write directly affect the purity of this child's soul. The article describes the role of children's literature in the formation of children's worldview. Children have always loved and will love to listen and read good and interesting fairy tales and stories. There is no doubt that this is the great merit of children's literature. At the same time, in the age of information technology, the role of children's literature as a builder and protector of child psychology can become the foundation for the development of good in the hearts of our children.


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